Tempo Design and Development

Web Development

If you need your project built from the ground up or made to work with a 3rd party we can help. Our developers can provide the solution to any problem you may have in a timely and cost effective manner.

Simple solution with complex development

With have real world experience solving real world development problems, Tempo is able to approach a multitude of development tasks. We can help you develop your client side scripting with JavaScript or using frameworks like jQuery or Mootools or full blown applications for both mobile and web platforms using Java. We can also help server side with PHP, Perl, Coldfusion and Ruby on Rails. Our team’s technical expertise cover many fields.

Custom CMS

If your company needs more than just a presence on the web, If it needs to interact and develop your relationships with your clients then a custom CMS is for you. Building your project from the ground up using both client and server technologies and giving you access to modify change and maintain your website whenever you need to, both quickly and easily. This is fully custom website solution.

E-commerce Development

We have experience with a multitude of  E-commerce platforms such as jShop, OSCommerce, Zen Cart, Magento and more. Through active and ongoing relationships with multiple of our existing clients we know how these platforms perform in the real world.  Installation, design, maintencence, custom plug-in work is all available along with complete site to site integration with 3rd party services such as Amazon Seller.

Custom Scripting

Javascript is the scripting language of choice on the web today. Frameworks such as jQuery and Mootools are great tools when applied correctly. Tempo has experience in implementing technologies such as AJAX, JSON, SOAP using languages like PHP, Javascript, Perl and more. From small scripting issues to a fully integrated AJAX JSON script, we can help you with your scripting needs.

Social Media and Networking

Social Media is everywhere in todays market.  We offer application design for Twitter and Facebook along with  Custom Facebook pages for your business, Twitter linking and more. We can help you navigate this maze and keep in the mind of your clients and one step ahead of your competitors.